Which social media outlet is best for your small business?

small-business-social-mediaThe social media universe can seem thrilling for most entrepreneurs. A captive audience, just waiting to hear what your small business is all about!

Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t quite line up with that image. What if nobody responds? Or what if you find yourself overwhelmed by all those accounts you’ve signed up for?

Success in social media isn’t gauged by how many networks your small business signs up for. Instead, you increase your odds of social media success when you pick the best outlets for your small business.

For example, a small business that is more focused on demonstrating professional expertise might have better luck networking on LinkedIn. A business like a small café or online graphic novel reseller, one that depends on regular customer contact, might thrive on a more real-time, chatty outlet such as Twitter or Facebook.

Think about your target market and your small business’ goals. Which part of the wide world of social media really suits your business the best? New networks constantly come and go, but knowing when to dive in and when to sit it out can make all the difference to your small business’ success in social media marketing.

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