What makes a great business leader?

What are the qualities of a strong business leader? As the providers of Canada’s leading small business training, we know that good leadership is one of the keys to a successful business.

Here are some of the key qualities of a good small business leader.

A good small business leader has – and shares – a strong vision

A strong small business leader has a strong vision, both at the start of a business and during its lifecycle. As a small business owner, you’re responsible for setting the direction of your growth, and providing stability even when things are hectic. If your business has employees, sharing your vision with them gives them pride in where they work and demonstrates that you’re a leader who knows their stuff.

A good small business leader leads by example

Which do you think is more inspiring: arriving late to a meeting and interrupting people when they talk, or showing up on time and encouraging productive, two-way discussions? As the leader in your small business, inspire others through your actions, not just your words. Great small business leaders also have strong ethical standards and expect their employees to meet these standards as well. Show that you embody the principles, vision, and values that you have created for the business.

A good small business leader empowers their team

Great small business leaders know that good ideas can come from anyone, and value everyone’s input and unique personality. Encourage your employees to approach you with concerns or ideas, and really listen to them. Delegate tasks to your team members, and invest in business training courses to help them build their skills. By trusting your team to do their best, you’ll show them that they work for someone who has their best interests at heart.

A good strong small business leader is stable under pressure

Being an entrepreneur means wearing many hats, which can mean more stress. The responsibilities of entrepreneurship are real, but a strong small business leader must be able to deal with issues without flying off the handle. Need help managing stress? BDC has some stress management tips specifically for leaders.

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