What can entrepreneurs learn from boxing?

small-business-lessons-boxingAfter years of providing small business training to Canadians, we can still be pleasantly surprised by the ways people think of entrepreneurship.

Take, for example, Robert Tuchman’s recent post in Entrepreneur: Knockout Personal Branding Strategies From Mayweather and Pacquiao. Boxing may seem worlds away from entrepreneurship, but boxers can create brands just like businesses do. Here’s an excerpt:

Be authentic. One of the things people love about Pacquiao is that he seems genuinely likeable . . .  A lot of that has to do with his authenticity . . . and combining massive achievement and talent with that sort of likeable persona can be key in drawing fans to a brand.

Check out the full article. Whether or not you’ll be tuning in to the big match tonight, or even if you aren’t a boxing fan at all, we think you’ll find some great advice for branding your small business.

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