Using videos in small business marketing

Do you use videos as part of your small business marketing strategy? If not, you may be missing out on a valuable and effective marketing tool that your customers will respond to very positively. Here are three ways you can use videos in your small business marketing:

An explainer video

As the name suggests, an explainer video guides customers and users through the salient features of your product or service. It’s similar to an elevator pitch, and can be a great way to quickly introduce your customers to what you’re offering, without making them search around your website to find out more. And a recent survey of American consumers showed that 73% of them are more likely to buy after watching an explainer videoTip: Keep it as short and snappy as you can – 1-3 minutes should do it.

Product demonstration

Your beautifully-written website paints an irresistible picture of your product – but what can be better than seeing your product in action? You might consider creating videos showing off the exciting and useful features of your product so customers can get even closer to the full experience. Tip: Be clear and communicate lingo-free where possible.

Video testimonials

Testimonials are a favourite on many small business websites. However, testimonial videos can go even further in making that person-to-person connection that can help attract new customers. If your business already has written testimonials, consider asking those customers to star in a video testimonial as well. If your product or service has received good reviews on sites like YouTube, consider reaching out and asking if you can use the video on your site. Tip: Let your customer talk about the ways your product or service has benefited them specifically; you never know what other customers will find useful!

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