Tips for an effective small business website

A website for your small business can be an incredible marketing tool. These days, when someone wants to know something about a company, their first move is often to search for it online. Your small business’ website provides a nearly real-time snapshot of your company, its goals, its products and services and – most importantly – how your customers can find you.

So, how do you create an effective website for your small business? We’ve got a few things to keep in mind.

Keep your small business’ website user-friendly

You don’t have to make your small business’ website look like everyone else’s, but there are a few things that are generally recognized as best practices. For example:

  • Keep your text and background colours calm and easy to look at. Blue text on a black background does nobody’s eyes any favours.
  • Ensure your website’s navigation is concise and makes sense. Avoid having 15 pages crammed into three menus, all of which are in different locations on the page.
  • Get your website content in order. Readers should be able to find exactly what they’re looking for without wading through pages of text.
  • Make sure your website loads quickly and doesn’t make readers jump through hoops to get to what they’re looking for – avoid intro pages or autoplay music.
Keep your website relevant

Think of your small business’ website like an online brochure – include relevant information that you think customers might be looking for, and resist the urge to over-write. Don’t forget to use your creativity. Consider adding unique applications not only for newsworthy business articles, but to attract customers and provide more convenience.

Keep your website in line with your branding

Your website should remain consistent with your small business’ image and reputation that your other marketing efforts produce. Once you’ve developed a visual identity for your company, design the website with your colours, logos, taglines and general design schemes in mind.

Keep your website responsive

It’s one thing to create a gorgeous website for your small business, but it’s a whole other thing to keep it working for you. Install a well-rounded analytics program such as Google Analytics, and keep an eye on what it reports. What are your customers searching for? When are they searching, and from where? How can that information be used to improve your website and your business? The beauty of websites is that they don’t have to be static. Update your site to respond to what your customers are looking for.

Do you have any tips for creating an effective small business website? Let us know!


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