The power of “WOW” in your small business

Tourism Calgary has a great marketing idea. They’re asking Calgarians to share their WOW moments – send in photographs of their most vivid experiences and memories about living and working in the city. The campaign, called Capture WOW, is aimed at attracting visitors by sharing the viewpoint of local residents. Brilliant. I like to get my information firsthand whenever possible because hearing from real people is, well, more real. It’s one of the reasons we ask entrepreneurs who’ve taken our training to share their experiences by sending in a testimonial.

Entries in Capture WOW include photographs of breathtaking glimpses of the Rocky Mountains, floating on a raft through the heart of downtown, fans braving the elements at the Heritage Classic and the serenity of Fish Creek park – the largest urban provincial park in Canada.

So what does this have to do with you and your business? Everything. Imagine it’s a few years from now. What “wow moments” will be in the picture your customers are sharing with others? Will they be talking about the time you went the extra mile for them? Or perhaps how they recommend you to all their friends because of your quality product? What’s going to set you apart, make you special? What WOW is going to happen?

The time to think about the landscape you want to create is now. Write down the picture you see, your postcard from visiting the future. It might read something like this: I see customers thanking me for the difference I’ve made in their lives. I see a wall of testimonials in my shop from satisfied clients who keep coming back. I see myself accepting the Chamber of Commerce award for best new business in town (wow!). I see my company sponsoring several little league teams because we can afford to give back. I see our webpage appearing at the top of the search list (Super wow!).

Write it down, don’t be shy. Visit often.

Hats off to Tourism Calgary – and to you!


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