GoForth highlights the innovation of young entrepreneurs

This month at GoForth Institute, we’re highlighting the passion, innovation and indomitable spirit of young entrepreneurs.

Famous businesses started by young entrepreneurs

Some of the world’s most famous companies weren’t created in a boardroom by a committee of seasoned professionals. Here are a few businesses that you probably know which were started by entrepreneurs under the age of 35:

  • IKEA
  • Facebook
  • Apple Computer
  • Google
  • Mrs. Fields
  • Motown Records

What great things can young entrepreneurs do?

Young people possess endless energy and great ideas. These qualities, coupled with their ability to quickly adapt to new technologies, make them natural leaders in tomorrow’s small business climate. According to the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, “Seventy-once percent of small business owners will retire within 10 years, with 41% retiring within the next five years.” Looks like tomorrow’s small business leaders are arriving just in time!

At GoForth Institute, we believe strongly in the importance of small business education and supporting entrepreneurs of all ages. Read our July newsletter for fascinating stories and facts about youth entrepreneurship – the future of small business in Canada is here!

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