Entrepreneurs play a critical role in developing countries

In GoForth Institute’s August newsletter, we examine the role of entrepreneurs in developing countries and what obstacles they must overcome. Entrepreneurs are vital to ensuring the sustainable success of their communities. However, in developing countries, they must contend with lack of access to funding, lack of small business education and lack of supportive infrastructure. But it’s not all doom and gloom! In our newsletter, we talk about how entrepreneurs in developing countries can make their particular environment work for their businesses rather than against.

We also highlight Peru’s Manchay Alto farming community:

Founded in 2004, the Foundation builds sustainable communities in developing countries through Life Resource Centres. According to the Foundation’s website, these centres “serve the communities by providing training and opportunities in economic infrastructure, health, education, and financial services in the region.”

One such Life Resource Centre is currently underway in the community of Manchay in Peru. Approximately 190,000 people live in this semi-rural community and 42% of them live in poverty. Over half of the homes in the Manchay community are built from wood and reed, with dirt floors. None of the homes have running water, sewage systems or electricity. The centre is training local farmers in entrepreneurship programs, helping them to diversify their product and improve lives in their communities.

Join us in the August newsletter and read about how the Manchay farmers are using small business skills to create sustainable, positive change in their communities!

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