Useful Tricks That Will Help to Create Facebook Ads That Stand Out

Keeping in mind that Facebook has over two billion active users every single month, it is no wonder it became the place to be if you want to promote your company or business. As a matter of fact, there are sixty-five million companies who are currently advertising on Facebook, and you should definitely be one of them. So what made Facebook a popular place for marketing?

Firstly, Facebook Ads are not super expensive and you will be able to create a buzz without investing a lot of money. Secondly, the process of creating and putting together your ad is very straightforward and you can do it quickly. Thirdly, your ad will appear to your target audience which will eventually lead to more interest in your brand or business.

But there is a downside to the fact that Facebook Ads are in demand right– the struggle to stand out from the crowd. Users do see many ads during the time they spend on Facebook, but are they going to click on every single one of them? The answer is no. So what you need to do is to create a unique advertising campaign that will stop a user while they scroll through their feed, and make them see what your product is all about.

Invest a lot of time in the visual side of your advertisement. This means choosing the right image that will spark an interest from a user. But don’t forget to add meaningful content as well. An interesting Facebook ad should be a combination of various factors that will attract your audience, and intrigue them. It might sound difficult if you have never advertised your business on Facebook before, but it really isn’t.

Once you cover the basics that explain how Facebook Ads work, it is time to move on to some useful tricks from the experts. The infographic made by Assignmenthelper shows all the different layers of research and preparation you need to complete if you want to make an outstanding Facebook ad that will beat the competition. You will notice that there is some psychology in it as well!

There is no reason why you shouldn’t try Facebook Ads to make your business more successful. After all, companies of all sizes advertise their products on this social media site, and that is for a reason. Start by going through the infographic and reading each point carefully – you will create an amazing Facebook ad in no time!

11 Tricks to Create Great Facebook AD Designs

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Thinking like both a business owner and a venture capitalist – and how it affects a pitch

What’s all the fuss about? I said yes, I’d invest. Okay, it’s the first time since I started hearing pitches on BNN’s The Pitch. “What’s so special about Neil Raj’s pitch for AdCommunal?” over 10 of you asked me by email. Let’s work through it.

The business owner perspective

When I appear on the show, I’m wearing two hats – one as a business owner and one as a venture capitalist. From a business owner perspective, I was not sold on AdCommunal’s value proposition for delivering leads. As a business owner, I want sales, not leads. John Varghese (VentureLink Funds) and I sparred in a friendly way over this perspective. Sales contribute to “top line” revenue. Leads might, but there’s no guarantee a lead will become a customer. Want cash flow? Focus on sales, or conversions, as we say in the online business world.

The venture capitalist perspective

From a venture capitalist perspective, I loved AdCommunal’s business model. Here’s what stood out for me:

1.       Neil Raj has credibility – he’s worked in the online adverting world and some of his previous employer companies were sold for multi-millions.

2.       Neil Raj is smart and articulate – he nailed his answers on the show (okay, his answers cut into my airtime, but I’ll forgive him).

3.       Pay-for-performance models of online advertising are taking over traditional “you pay us a fortune, and we may deliver conversions for you” models – so AdCommunal is early stage in the life cycle.

4.       Huge growth potential.

5.       Exit opportunity – AdCommunal could be built for an early and lucrative exit – for Neil and his investors.

6.       AdCommunal is cash flow positive – and has been since day one posting $2.5 million in revenue for 2010.

So I said yes. Easy – subject to due diligence. I did raise a concern over Neil’s team. I want him to build a stronger, better known team with a track record.

Want to attract VC money? Build a business model that speaks to credibility, team, concept, growth and traction. I like saying yes.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Watch the February 2 episode of The Pitch online for free on BNN’s website. Let me know what you think!

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