Staying productive in the summer months

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It’s summer, which means you’re likely paying more attention to your barbecue and beach plans than many other things in your daily life. It’s understandable – it’s hard to concentrate on the everyday demands of entrepreneurship when the sun is shining. To help you stay on top of things and enjoy your off time guilt-free, here are some tips to help keep your small business productive during the summer months.

  • Set an example. As a good manager, you know that your employees look up to you and take their behaviour cues from you. Make sure you and your management are at work and actually working right along with your team.
  • Loosen expectations a little. We’re not suggesting you turn a blind eye to summer slacking, but don’t forget that happy employees are loyal end productive employees. Find ways to let your team enjoy vacations and summer weather while still meeting their work responsibilities. You can also find ways to get outside as often as you can, such as holding your meetings outdoors or taking the team for Friday lunch on the patio.
  • Take advantage of productivity tools. There’s probably an app or website that can help you stay on the ball and reduce time spent not relaxing in the sun. Check out some tools to help entrepreneurs stay productive.
  • Use downtime wisely. If all your clients are on holidays, why not tackle that filing you’ve been putting off? Summer slowness can be a great time to handle behind-the-scenes tasks that get pushed aside in busier times.
  • Encourage employee development. Your team can take advantage of downtime too, with professional development projects or training. Summer can be a great time for your business to invest in the skills and satisfaction of your employees.
  • Don’t deny yourself some summer fun. It’s important for the boss to be happy and productive too, especially if you’re a sole proprietor doing all the work (but keep point #1 in mind!).

Do you have any tips for staying focused in the summer? Let us know in the comments!

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