Statistics from USAID’s Global Pulse 2010

In a recent blog post, Dr. Leslie Roberts summarized her participation in USAID’s Global Pulse 2010. The event is now over, and Dr. Rajiv Shah, Global Pulse 2010’s administrator, has given us some of the event’s statistics.

Considering it was initiative of the United States Agency for International Development, it’s surprising that 60% of participants were from outside of the United States. Exactly half of all the event’s participants were under 35 years old and women made up 51% of participants. That last statistic interesting when compared with a finding GoForth Institute used when creating our small business training courses – that women made up 35% of the total self-employed in Canada. Women are active both in international development and in start-up business!

According to Shah:

This global conversation attracted over 6,000 participants from over 155 countries who posted over 9,000 ideas, reactions, opinions, and perspectives  . . .  This content will provide valuable input as we shape and assess the strategic direction of our foreign affairs agencies, their programs, and future engagement with stakeholders.

We at GoForth Institute will be eagerly monitoring any initiatives or further discussions that transpire – we’ll keep you posted!

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