Small business disaster preparedness, from The Small Business Blog

This week we read a great blog post over at The Small Business Blog, titled, “Is your small business prepared for disaster?” From the post:

According to the survey, despite all the high-profile disasters in 2012, nearly three-quarters of the respondents have not got any form of disaster recovery plan in place for when it hits them.

That’s pretty sobering, isn’t it? Even if you run your small business in a place where weather-related disasters are rare, you could still get hit by a major incident. Remember the Northeast Blackout of 2003? Ten million people in Ontario alone were affected by it for as many as two days – think about how many of them were probably small business owners just like you.

Whether it’s insurance or cloud/mobile data storage, it’s never too late to think about how to prepare your small business for the unexpected.

Check out the post at The Small Business Blog for more info, and for a handy infographic (who doesn’t love an infographic?).

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