Small business blog posts we liked this week

mompreneurWe hope you’re having a good weekend! If you have some downtime, why not make yourself a cup of something hot and relax with these blog posts and small business articles we enjoyed reading this week?

The question set Zuckerberg off on a long, corrective explanation that can double as a helpful look into how Facebook thinks about making money from its popular Internet services.

Great solopreneurs need to be great salespeople. Regardless of the type of business you run, most of what you do on a daily basis will involve influencing others. The better you are at this, the easier it will be to get more customers.

I’ve learned that even if your job involves adult themes, you shouldn’t shut your kids out and assume they can’t (or aren’t ready to) relate to the topic.

How do you design a home that someone living below the poverty line can afford, but that anyone would want—while also providing a living wage for the local construction team that builds it?

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