Small business advice from real entrepreneurs

When entrepreneurs decide to strike out on their own and start a small business, they often get advice from everyone they encounter. Some of it can be useful, but wouldn’t it be great to get some small business advice from other entrepreneurs who’ve been where you’re going?

Check out the article in our Entrepreneur¬†Library:¬†Jumping Off the Deep End: What Would-be Entrepreneurs Must Know Before Starting a Business. Here’s a snippet of some of the advice contained within:

Be sure your values are reflected in the work you do. “It’s important that your business goals match your morals and ethics,” Lacroix said. Is sustainability important to you? Community service? When your business values echo personal values it’s easy to build them into your over all business plan.”Be good,” he adds. When you show people are are honest and trustworthy, they are more likely to come back to you and to recommend your company to others.

Happy reading!

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