Sample questions for a venture capital pitch

There are many sources to help you create a powerful venture capital pitch presentation, but they all agree on a few things. The most common tips are: keep your presentation short; don’t read from the slides; be well rehearsed, and know your material inside and out.

Common VC pitch content guide

  1. What is the problem your company addresses?
  2. What is the solution you propose?
  3. Describe your business model.
  4. What do you do that’s unique, special or patentable?
  5. Describe your marketing and sales plan.
  6. Who is your competition?
  7. Who’s on your team?
  8. What are your financial projections?
  9. What is the current status of your business, and milestones?
  10. Summary and “the Ask” – or how much money you’re requesting and why.

Venture capital pitch example questions

If you’ve never developed or given a pitch before, you might want to find an experienced entrepreneur or venture capitalist to help you organize a presentation. Practice on friends, family members and other business owners. Be prepared to answer the following five questions:

  1. Explain to me what your business is all about (this is the classic elevator pitch question – tell me about your company, what you do, why you’re so special, in the shortest possible amount of time).
  2. What will prevent others from doing what you’re doing – what is your competitive advantage?
  3. What are you going to do with the money you raise? Or how will the money you raise help you achieve your goals?
  4. What’s your marketing strategy? Who’s your market? Why will they buy from you?
  5. What does your venture/management team look like?

These are common questions, but every investor will have their own set of questions for you. You can’t prepare for every question, but you’ll get so used to pitching your idea that you’ll be ready for anything.

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