Quiz: How’s your personal productivity?

Do you wonder if you could be more productive? Take our Personal Productivity Quiz. Answer yes or no to each question below.

  1. Do you waste time looking for papers that you need?
  2. Do you waste time looking for information you know is on your computer?
  3. Would an impending audit make you nervous?
  4. Do you have very little uncluttered space in your office?
  5. Do you have difficulty prioritizing your daily workload?
  6. Are you frequently overwhelmed by what you need to accomplish at work?
  7. Do you lose important slips of paper, usually with customer contact info on it?
  8. Do you often feel unproductive?
  9. Do you waste time looking for phone numbers?
  10. Do you procrastinate on handling paperwork?

If you answered yes to any of the questions then you may need to review your personal productivity tools, skills and strategies for staying organized and on top of your game. Invest in the right technology, office equipment and office space to help you deliver top quality work, each time, every time.

Check out a previous blog post outlining some useful personal productivity tools for the entrepreneur.

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