Lufa Farms brings a year-round rooftop gardening business to Montreal

According to a recent TechVibes article, Montreal startup Lufa Farms has been successfully growing their rooftop farming business in that city. In 2011, Lufa Farms built the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse. Now, it grows fruits and vegetables and sells the produce to subscribed customers around town.

From the article:

The company is profitable, says its business development associate James Rathmell. He says the company is proving that their “triple bottom line” business model – a model that involves being environmentally and socially responsible as well as profitable – is commercially viable.

At GoForth, we love ideas like this. Recently, Popular Mechanics made a whopping 110 science and tech predictions for the next 110 years. One prediction is the introduction of vertical “farmscrapers” growing pesticide-free crops year-round. By the year 2050, there will be nine billion people in the world, seven out of 10 of them in urban areas. We feel that this heightened need for fresh, local food will alter the traditional view and operations of agricultural businesses. Farmscrapers – and rooftop greenhouse businesses like Lufa Farms – will have to lead the way in discovering innovative and sustainable ways to feed all those hungry urbanites.

Read the full article at TechVibes here.

What do you think? Do you know of any other inventive and forward-thinking agricultural businesses?

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