Linkitz wearable electronic toy teaches girls about coding and tech

At GoForth, we love education and we love tech. So we were excited to learn about Linkitz, a wearable toy that’s customizable. It has links that each have different behaviours, and snap together to create different kinds of toys.

According to their Kickstarter:

Linkitz comes in a kit with a set of links and accessories. Each link offers a unique capability. There are sensors, like a microphone and an accelerometer, and outputs, like a speaker and lights.

Connecting different combinations of links creates different toys. The motion link plays a game of Simon Says. If you connect the motion and speaker link together, Linkitz transforms into a musical instrument. Connect the speaker link with the microphone link and the friend link and you have a walkie-talkie!

Sounds to us like an interesting small business idea, and a unique way for young girls to learn how to interact with and influence tech!

Check out Linkitz’s site for more info.

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