Keeping your small business productive in summer

Summer is entering the home stretch here in Canada. How have you seen your small business’ productivity change this summer? Were you or your employees hard at work, or were you answering the siren song of beaches, barbecues and beer?

Even though summer’s not quite over yet, you might appreciate some tips to keep your small business humming along for the next few weeks. Here are some great articles/blog posts we found online this week about keeping positive and productive in the summer:

And some summer productivity tips from us at GoForth Institute?

  • Take advantage of the downtime to handle behind-the-scenes work. If all your clients are on holidays, why not tackle that filing you’ve been putting off?
  • Encourage your team to enjoy summer. We’re not saying to let them work half days all season, but don’t forget that happy employees are productive employees.
  • Don’t deny yourself some sun. Along the same lines as the previous point, it’s important for the boss to be happy and productive too, especially if you’re a sole proprietor doing all the work.
  • Stay organized. Juggling all your employees’ and clients’ summer holiday schedules is possible – just stay on top of everything and plan accordingly.

Now get out there and enjoy the remaining few weeks of summer – come Christmas, you’ll be glad you did!

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