How to market to Gen Z consumers effectively

With the oldest members of Generation Z being born in the mid-late nineties, they’re a generation every business should pay attention to – even if you’re a Gen Z entrepreneur yourself! According to Statistics Canada, Gen Z has overtaken Gen X in terms of generational size.

As the younger members grow out of teenagehood and start getting jobs and money of their own, Gen Z will make up a large proportion of potential customers. As digital natives, they have their own preferences and habits that are worth understanding.

So, how do you market to Gen Z consumers effectively?

Email marketing program Campaign Monitor recently released a Gen Z Consumer Trends Index Report. It’s focused on American members of the generation, but there are similarities that Canadian business owners should know. For example:

  • More than half of Gen Z consumers made an in-app, mobile purchase in the past year
  • 84% of Gen Z consumers prefer authenticity and businesses that understand their specific needs
  • 70% of Gen Z takes data privacy very seriously
  • Interestingly, 74% of Gen Z are willing to share surface-level information about themselves (such as their hobbies) for better service
  • Just over half of Gen Z consumers participate in loyalty programs

To us, this data suggests Gen Z consumers respond best to marketing that feels tailored to them, making an authentic connection rather than making them feel like just a number. Help them feel like part of a rewarding community that deserves their loyalty. And, of course, mobile-friendly marketing options should be high on the priority list!

Check out the report here – how can you tweak your business’ marketing to engage the growing Generation Z demographic?

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