How to make a venture capital pitch

Making a venture capital – or “VC” – pitch presentation is good practice for any entrepreneur. But before you start, you need a good elevator pitch presentation.

What is an elevator pitch?

Basically, it’s a a well-rehearsed and super compelling statement about your company, what it does, and why it’s so great – in under one minute. Think about a scenario in which you’re in an elevator with a potential investor. A few seconds isn’t a lot of time to make a good impression and generate interest, so writing and rehearsing your elevator pitch is a great exercise. You just never know when you might use it. You should have at the ready anytime, anyplace anywhere.

Building your venture capital pitch

Now you’ll need to build an effective presentation to give to investors. If you’ve never done a presentation, or would rather do jump out of a plane than speak in front of an audience, now’s the time to develop this critical skill. If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you are the company, at least at start-up. You’re the face of the company, everywhere you go. Get comfortable with meeting new people and telling them about your new venture. Join a networking group or a local speakers’ bureau to get you “time on your feet.” From there, you’ll have the confidence to speak to a group of people who could potentially make or break your company with their investment. Don’t let nerves get in the way of your success.

Break a leg!

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