How to engage customers face-to-face

In this day and age, it’s all too easy to conduct a large portion of your business over the internet orĀ  phone. Now, we know these are both great things, but what about face-to-face customer engagement? It’s still as important as it ever was – most new product or service ideas come from existing customers!

In our November newsletter, we’re talking about ways and reasons to engage your customers in person. Here are some tips for making great connections with your customers:

  1. Craft your small business’ compelling story before you meet customers.
  2. Look for opportunities to tell your story and share your expertise in a setting that fosters conversation.
  3. Be friendly, approachable and above all, be authentic.
  4. Always be passionate about your business.
  5. Create a cause or invest in one – show your customers you’re more than just what you sell.
  6. If you make promises to people you meet – deliver on them!

For expanded tips on customer engagement and more, check out our November newsletter, out now.

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