How much does it cost to start a small business in Canada?


You’ve done all the necessary market research, you’ve upleveled some of your important entrepreneurship skills, and you’re ready to start the small business of your dreams.

So – how much money will you need?

It’s important that you know your start-up costs ahead of time. We know entrepreneurship is exciting, but you don’t want to take the leap only to find out three months in that you can’t pay rent, your advertising budget for the year is already blown, and you can’t afford supplies.

Our free Start-Up Costs Calculator for Canadian entrepreneurs

Thankfully, we at GoForth Institute have created a handy Start-Up Costs Calculator that’s completely free. This Excel spreadsheet will let you plug in your estimated monthly expenses and one-time capital costs ahead of time, so you’ll know if you’re ready to set up shop – or if you need to wait a bit.

Click here to get our Start-Up Costs Calculator – best of luck with the journey!

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