Hate selling? Try this mindset shift

No matter your business, selling is at the heart of it. After all, it’s hard to succeed if you’re not selling your product or service to new and existing customers.

That’s all well and good, but the mindset needed for selling doesn’t come naturally to all entrepreneurs. Some small business owners wonder how to you actually close a sale, or what the best way to ask for business is. Sometimes, this uncertainty can lead to poor sales and marketing strategies like sending blanket, generic marketing messages, or being too pushy with our self-promoting because we think we have to be.

Have no fear! Selling doesn’t have to be scary, and you can get more comfortable with it. Then, you can make more strategic sales and marketing decisions that make sense for your business – and you might even have fun doing it.

Check out GoForth Expert Marty Park’s advice on how to change your mindset about selling. We think it’ll help you to think about sales a little differently!

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