Eleven great gift ideas for entrepreneurs

gifts for entrepreneursThe holiday season is fast approaching and you’re no doubt working on your shopping list. You’ve probably already figured out what to get for your siblings, parents, uncles, third cousins, what have you – but what about the entrepreneur in your life? At GoForth Institute, we’re big believers in making entrepreneurship easier (not to mention gift giving in general this time of year). So, with that in mind, we’ve created this list of 11 gift ideas for your favourite entrepreneur, in a variety of price points. Gifts for small business owners can be practical or fun – sometimes both!

Eleven gift ideas for entrepreneurs

  • Spa gift certificate (to relieve the start-up stress)
  • Website hosting/design for one year
  • A gift certificate to an organization like Kiva.org, which enables micoloans to entrepreneurs in need
  • New shoes that are both meeting- and foot-appropriate
  • A caffeine IV drip, or coffee gift card
  • A new laptop or iPad
  • A flash/thumb drive – go traditional or offbeat
  • Membership in a local trade association
  • A rolling suitcase like the ones from McKleinUSA (coincidentally, GoForth President Dr. Roberts’ favourite entrepreneurial gift)
  • Gift cards for an office supply store – not the most glamorous gift, but what small business owner doesn’t love free paper and pens?
  • Affordable, convenient and fast online small business training from GoForth Institute – sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!

What gifts for small business owners would you add to the list?

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