Defining your small business’ brand experience

In a recent post, we talked about brand pillars and why they’re so important to have in a small business. Because branding is a multi-layered thing, we also wanted to touch on the topic of brand experience.

What is brand experience?

A brand experience is just what it sounds like – every possible interaction between a customer and your brand. This can include several factors:

  • The brand’s performance  – If it meets customers’ needs and performs better than other options available.
  • The brand’s treatment – The way customers are treated when dealing with the small business.
  • The brand’s community –  Whether or not a small business has a connection to its broader customer base.

Of course, as with many things related to branding and marketing, the feelings and emotions of the customer come into play. And for good reason, too – would you want to keep up a relationship with a small business that consistently made you feel dumb, or like a nuisance?

The brand experience is designed to encourage people to return to your small business gladly, to meet the needs and desires of your customers, and to increase customer satisfaction. Take time out to imagine your small business from your customers’ point of view – in what ways do you want to be treated? How do you want your questions answered? If you do have any complaints, what actions do you want your small business to take? Make sure your brand experience is consistent, while keeping up with customers and meeting new and emerging needs. It’s the culmination of all your hard work in developing your brand, so make it good!

What tips do you have for defining your small business’ brand experience?

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