Celebrate 2011 and plan for a successful 2012

A coming new year gives us an opportunity to take a breath in business – see from where we’ve come, and where we need to go next year. At GoForth, 2011 was our best year yet. We’re three years old now, have an established reputation in the small business training industry and are signing deals that will see our education delivered to thousands of people next year. What preceded this year’s success, of course, was lots of hard work of the 20 hours a day, seven days a week kind. Success doesn’t happen overnight – it comes to those who are diligent, hard-working types who never give up. If entrepreneurship was easy, everyone would do it!

The fact is that 70% of our little small businesses in Canada don’t make it to their fifth year of operation. There are many reasons for business closure, but one of the most prevalent is owners deciding to close shop and find employment. Take time at the end of this year to celebrate your successes – new customers, new markets, new products or services. Even tiny positive changes should be celebrated. These small incremental steps eventually lead to greater success – if you can withstand the stresses of business-building along the way. Make sure to acknowledge the people who are supporting you – you family, employees, customers, suppliers and others – for their role in your business. Remember also to contribute to the fabric of social entrepreneurship in your community. Give of your time or talent to help make your community that much more wonderful.

As we close out 2011, raise a glass to another year of being in business. Small businesses are the engines of economic growth in this country – the heroes who create employment for others, create innovative products and services, and contribute to our communities.

May the joy and peace of this season be with you and your family,


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