GoForth Institute to participate in Global Pulse 2010

GoForth Institute President Dr. Leslie Roberts has been invited to join thousands of voices around the world who are collaborating to bring about social change through entrepreneurship.

From March 29-31, Global Pulse 2010 is an online collaborative event that will “bring together individual socially-engaged participants and organizations from around the world.” These worldwide collaborators will share ideas and solutions on topics such as global health; political and civil rights; sustainable living; and science, trade and innovation. Dr. Roberts will be one of the participants discussing ways to advance entrepreneurship, trade and economic opportunity.

Learn more at the Global Pulse 2010 website.

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Join the discussion at the Canadian Entrepreneurship Group

Are you on LinkedIn? If so, we’d love to have you at the Canadian Entrepreneurship Group. The group was started by GoForth Institute for entrepreneurs either thinking of starting a small business, in the start up business phase, or wanting to grow their business – much like our small business training! The group is also great for for entrepreneurs and small business professionals looking to learn about the latest discoveries in Canadian small business research.

This month at the Canadian Entrepreneurship Group, we’ve been talking taxes. We discuss tax software for Canadian entrepreneurs and share some insights on GoForth Institute Essential Small Business Skills™ – Skill #92: Income Taxes.

Do you have any tax stories you’d like to share? Stop by and join the small business discussions!

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GoForth Institute welcomes instructor Dale Hansen

GoForth Institute extends a warm welcome to our newest instructor, Dale Hansen! Dale will be teaching our GoForth small business training course in Calgary, showing early-stage entrepreneurs just how they can plan, start and grow a small business.

Dale hails from the oil and gas industry in Calgary and has a background in accounting and operations management. The focus of his career and consulting business is coaching and leadership. Now an entrepreneur and consultant, Dale offers business training, guiding clients toward their short and long term strategic goals. In other words, he helps his clients find the tools they need to succeed in growing a small business.

Learn more about Dale and sign up for our GoForth small business training course, starting this April!

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Welcome to the GoForth Institute entrepreneurship blog

Do you want to know how to start a small business? Are you looking for for advice and training to grow a business you already have? If so, welcome to the GoForth Institute entrepreneurship blog! GoForth Institute offers Canada’s first and only national entrepreneurship education, delivering training for small business owners at all levels.

If you’re thinking about starting a small business, ready to start your business, in the early stage of entrepreneurship or wanting to grow an existing business – watch this space. We’ll cover all kinds of topics related to entrepreneurship: small business tips, news, advice and updates on GoForth Institute’s small business training and events. It’s your source for unique entrepreneurship discussion and insight!

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