Can your business use augmented reality?

augmented-reality-small-businessRemember the Pokemon Go craze? It seemed like the whole world was obsessed with it, downloading the app and “catching” Pokemon that were overlaid over real-world views. While it may seem like a great idea for a game, augmented reality like this can have applications in business, too.

Check out our list of five ways that AR can improve your small business:

  • Training. Whether it’s a download onto their smartphone or through special AR glasses, employees can receive animated instructions that are overlaid on the equipment in question.
  • Product visualization. AR apps allow customers to see your furniture, artwork, or decor in their homes before they buy. Real estate agents can give virtual tours of their properties.
  • Improving efficiency and troubleshooting. Those working with specialized equipment and processes, such as in manufacturing and farms, will be able to troubleshoot without having to leave their work stations to double-check things or consult with a colleague.
  • Better patient experience. There are many problems that AR can solve in the healthcare industry. For example, AccuVein‘s augmented reality scanner allows healthcare workers to see where veins are in patients’ bodies, improving accuracy, and most likely reducing the fear of needles as well.
  • More engaging education. Students young and not-so-young can enjoy a more immersive educational experience with augmented reality. Whether it’s guiding children through a library scavenger hunt, helping students visualize math problems, or giving people an immersive experience in another language, AR can change the way lessons are taught.

Do you have any ideas for an augmented reality-related business?

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