Calgary’s Super Mobile Con a success

Calgary held a unique event this week: Super Mobile Con – an afternoon of best practices, stories from the field, and a look at some of the most innovative new mobile applications and mobile strategies from leading Canadian companies like Shaw, Trans Canada, Deco Windshields, Oilfield Exchange, GoForth Institute and more.

The event was the brainchild of the team of app geniuses at Robots and Pencils Inc, whose clients are all thought-leaders in the mobile space. “Why not share what we’ve learned?” was the prevailing attitude during the successful half-day conference.

The room was packed with IT people, business-types and programming geeks and was standing room only. The main feeling in the room was not whether or not companies should go mobile, but how. If you’re not part of the mobile revolution, you will be run over by it.

GoForth Institute presented on the panel about gamification and why we built the world’s first fully-accredited high school course in entrepreneurship into a mobile app.

It was fun to be surrounded by thought leaders in many different industries who were doing some amazing things in the app space. Thanks to Robots and Pencils for inviting us to be there for the inaugural conference! We’re really proud of all you’re doing to bring mobile apps to so many industries, and we’re really proud of our partnership with you in education.

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