Businesses inspired by Back to the Future Part II technology

tech-small-business It’s been 30 years since Back to the Future Part II, and we are now living in that movie’s future. And nothing today is like that future, right? Not quite!

Microsoft for Work recently published a great rundown of some of the technology seen in that movie, and how we’re seeing some of that tech today. Here’s a taste:

Wearable devices. The bulky, high-tech glasses used by both young McFlys of the future look a bit awkward and silly, but the idea is spot on. Wearables are generally regarded as the next big tech trend, with more consumers wanting access to their data. Devices allow you to monitor health and activity levels, as a means to track and achieve fitness goals, or keep you in touch with email previews and calendar reminders (or a device that happens to do both).

While devices that fit on the wrist are the most common form of wearable tech, shoes, necklaces, rings, glasses, and clothing are all areas getting a high-tech makeover.

The tech and products linked to in the article are Microsoft’s own, but there are great examples out there of small businesses that are making some of these ideas come to life – for example, Calgary-based Vivametrica. They analyze data from wearable devices to help measure corporate health and wellness programs. Or American company Nest, who makes “smart home” self-learnable, programmable thermostats and smoke detectors.

The future’s not so bad!

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