Atlantic Chamber & GoForth Institute partner to deliver Canada’s leading small business training to entrepreneurs in the Atlantic region

GoForth With the Chamber

GoForth Institute and Atlantic Chamber of Commerce (ACC) are proud to announce GoForth with the Chamber, our partnership program that delivers small business education to entrepreneurs through the Chamber network in Atlantic Canada.

With fewer than 50% of small businesses surviving, helping business succeed is critical—particularly in Atlantic Canada where 98% of business are small with less than 100 employees, yet provide 75% of the region’s employment. GoForth with the Chamber improves entrepreneurs’ odds of business success because it’s fast, comprehensive, affordable and convenient.

Since 2009, more than 10,000 entrepreneurs have used this program to build their small business skills and 90% were still in business two years later—that’s 20% better than the national average. Clients also saw great results, reporting successes such as: 100% participant completion, increased confidence in business skills, and positive community metrics as a result of our training.

ACC is the largest accredited business organization of influence in Atlantic Canada, and partners with its members and other organizations to influence, educate, advocate, and promote initiatives that contribute to sustainable economic growth for business in the region. ACC represents more than 16,000 businesses through its network of 93 chambers of commerce and boards of trade, and 26 corporate partners in Atlantic Canada.

GoForth with the Chamber is a unique partnership program being offered to members of Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade throughout Atlantic Canada—it provides industry-leading, innovative small business education to entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada. This partnership is committed to the business success and economic health of the region.

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