A 20-question location checklist for your small business

understanding_target_marketDeciding where to open up shop is a major consideration for every small business owner. We’ve talked about how to perform neighbourhood research and shared the top 7 factors for a good small business location. Now we’d like to help you organize your search even further with our 20-question location checklist to help you find your best small business location. These are just some of the things you’ll need to ask yourself when searching for your ideal small business location:

  1. Do the zoning requirements allow for my business type?
  2. What is the condition of the building – are any repairs or renovations required?
  3. Does the location’s layout fit my requirements?
  4. Is the location the appropriate size for my business?
  5. Is the location suitable for my daily commute?
  6. Do the surrounding businesses bring favourable traffic to the location?
  7. Does my target market have access to this location?
  8. Is the location suitable for a substantial portion of my target market?
  9. Do the leasing, renting or buying terms fit my requirements?
  10. Are my signs and outdoor advertisements visible to traffic?
  11. Is the labour force in the area suitable for my staff requirements?
  12. Does the location meet my accessibility requirements?
  13. Is parking available and affordable for customers and staff? Is public transportation available?
  14. Is the location consistent with the image I’ve communicated through branding and marketing?
  15. Am I close enough to utilities, suppliers and manufacturers? Can deliveries be made to this location?
  16. Are the costs of transporting goods and shipping to and from this location similar to or lower than other location options?
  17. Are competitors located nearby and, if so, am I confident in my ability to compete?
  18. Is the crime rate in the area tolerable for my business? Are security services available?
  19. Later on, will this location be able to accommodate the growth of my business?
  20. How long is the lease and does this fit with my requirements?
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