7 tips for an environmentally-friendly small business

environmentally-friendly small businessWe all want to do our part to help the environment, and many of us have ideas that we implement in our personal lives. But did you know that you can go green in your small business, too? Here are seven tips for running a green small business.

  1. Use biodegradable cleaning products with fewer harsh ingredients.
  2. Encourage employees to carpool, ride their bikes, or take public transportation to work.
  3. If it makes sense for your business, consider letting employees telecommute, or hold meetings via Skype or GoToMeeting rather than in-person.
  4. Recycle old batteries, computers and electronics. Visit EPRA’s website to find drop-off locations in your province. You can also drop off your recyclable electronics at stores such as Best Buy.
  5. Investigate governmental incentives, funding, and rebates to going green.
  6. Consider taking your marketing online as often as you can, rather than printing out brochures, flyers, or newsletters.
  7. Ask your employees if they have any ideas for energy or waste reduction, or any other good ideas for going green. Your employees might have great suggestions to improve the processes and equipment they deal with every day.

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