7 statistics about Canadian small businesses

small business statistics canada

Now that it’s a new year – and a new decade – we wanted to take stock of the state of small business in Canada. Here are seven recent statistics about Canadian small businesses.

  • Of the employer businesses in Canada, 1.18 million (97.9%) were small businesses, with 1-99 employees.
  • Ontario had the highest number of small businesses at 429,852, followed by Quebec (243,029) and British Columbia (184,075).
  • Nearly three out of four Canadian businesses have 1−9 employees.
  • The majority of private sector employees are employed by small businesses: 69.9%.
  • From 2011 to 2015, small businesses contributed 40.8% to Canada’s GDP.
  • In 2017, women-owned businesses (at least 51% of shares owned by women) made up 15.6% of Canada’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Canada is one of five countries in which women entrepreneurs reported high levels of innovation.
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