5 ways to use video in your small business marketing

5 ways to use video in your small business marketing

Videos can be a valuable and effective tool in your small business’ marketing arsenal. Slick, high-quality videos are great, but using video in your small business marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are five ways you can use videos in your small business marketing:

Video testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to show your potential customers why others love doing business with you. However, video testimonials extend that person-to-person connection even further. Next time you’re asking happy clients for testimonials, consider asking them to film a quick video testimonial as well. If your product or service has received good reviews on sites like YouTube or Instagram, consider reaching out and asking if you can use the video on your site. Tip: While keeping brevity in mind, let your customer talk about their unique experience with your business. You never know what other customers will find useful!

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are short, 1-3 minute videos guiding customers and users through the salient features of your product or service. It’s similar to an elevator pitch, and can be a great way to quickly introduce your customers to what you’re offering. A recent survey of American consumers showed that 73% of them are more likely to buy after watching an explainer videoTip: Write a script and read it aloud to someone – if they don’t get it right away, try again!

Event videos

Events are a great way to engage with your audience and show off your expertise at the same time. Will your handmade candle business have a booth at your city’s big craft expo? You can film short snippets of how you prepare for the craft expo and what the event space looks like on the big day. Does your accounting firm sponsor an industry event every year? You can record your introductory speech, or the discussion panel you hosted. Tip: Don’t feel the need to lug a heavy, expensive camera around. As long as the lighting is good and the sound is clear, today’s smartphones will do just fine!

Product demonstrations

A strong small business website will show your product to its best advantage. However, seeing it in action can entice customers even further. Consider creating videos that show off the exciting and useful features of your product so customers can get even closer to the full experience. Tip: Be clear and communicate lingo-free where possible.

Sharing your story

Your compelling story is a vital component of your business concept. It’s a great way to show why your business exists, and what drives you to put in the work every day. Why not share your story in a video? When your customers can actually see and hear how passionate you and your team are about your business’ story, vision, and mission, they get a valuable connection that goes beyond text on a screen. Tip: Be genuine and unscripted. You can keep some talking points in mind, but your authenticity is what your customers will really connect with.

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