4 ways to improve your marketing “cold emails”

marketing-email-tipsMarketing cold calls are becoming a thing of the past, and now many of us turn to email to develop new contacts or seek new partnerships. When done properly, the “cold email” can work wonders in our small business marketing. But, like the cold call, it can also hinder your efforts. Keep these four marketing email tips in mind before you hit Send:

1) Research the person or company you’re emailing

You’re a handbag designer who’s just found a fashion website that could be perfect to help you promote and review your products. Great! But before you do anything, make sure you’ve done your research. Who is the best person for you to email? What section of the website do you think your handbags would work best? Do any of your competitors appear on the site – and if so, how can you set yourself apart? Does this website even work with independent designers, or do they focus on bigger names?

2) Don’t start with “Dear sir”

Let’s be honest – it’s the 21st century. Approximately 46% of small-to-medium businesses in Canada have some degree of female ownership – and what about the other female employees who may be the ones reading your email? If you don’t know the name of the person to best address your email to, call the company and ask. Failing that, a generic greeting will do. But don’t irritate your potential partner or client before they even get to the content of your email.

3) Think about your subject line

Strike a balance between a spammy, too-good-to-be-true subject line and one that gives no information whatsoever. Remember that this is your first chance to grab the attention of someone who has a business of their own to run. Check out what our GoForth Expert and Fast Company have to say about effective “cold email” subject lines.

4) Keep it brief and to the point

Now’s not the time to tell the entire story of your small business – get your foot in the virtual door first. Depending on how “cold” this email is, your recipient might be wary. They might also just scan your email for key words. Keep your eye on the goal and don’t wander too far off track. And don’t bury your lede – ask the relevant question or make the relevant statement as soon as possible.

What about you? Do you have any email marketing tips that have worked for you?

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