3 tips for increasing social media conversion

When your goal is to drive traffic to a landing page, online shop, or signup form, here are some social media ideas to increase conversion.

1) Keep your branding consistent throughout your sales funnel

Imagine you’re scrolling through your feed and an ad from one of your favourite businesses catches your eye. You click on it, only to see a landing page that looks completely different from that initial ad. How many of you would assume you somehow ended up on the wrong page and leave? Keep your brand pillars in mind in every stage of the customer experience so your customers know it’s you, and you can increase their confidence.

2) Ensure your landing pages are mobile and user-friendly

Did you know that 69% of internet users use their phones for product research? Or that mobile web traffic accounts for more than half of worldwide traffic? Making your landing pages mobile-friendly and as simple as possible will mean a smooth experience for mobile users, which makes it easier for them to investigate your business further. Focus on visuals, ease of use, and a clean, minimal design.

3) Try user-generated content in your social media

User-generated content, or UGC, refers to the content that’s created by a brand’s followers or customers. For example, a video showing a customer using a service or a tagged Instagram or Twitter post displaying the product. And, more than half of customers trust UGC over other forms of marketing. Being able to see other people enjoying your product or service increases your business’ authenticity and trustworthiness. Check out Later’s blog post for ways to use UGC in your social media marketing strategy.

As always, make sure your content is top-notch, valuable, and engaging to your audience. Check out GoForth’s online small business training for more great marketing tips!

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