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Capital and financing for Aboriginal small business owners

From AI to authenticity, here are some of the small business blog posts and articles we’ve enjoyed lately. Got any of your own to share?

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MasterCard Masters of Code is searching for Canada’s tech entrepreneurs

tech-entrepreneurAre you a tech entrepreneur who has a great idea for an app? Get thee to Montreal in September for the MasterCard Masters of Code competition!

According to their website:

Enter Masters of Code Competition, by MasterCard. In this intense series of hackathons we have one goal: traverse the globe to find the BEST in-class Coders! We aim to encourage innovation among enterprise as well as independent Coders.

Winners from each region will be flown out for the final Master of Code hackathon where the winning team will be recognized as the first ever Masters of Code, ceremoniously given their MC Jackets, $100,000 and eternal fame and glory.

If that sounds like you or your small business, visit their website for more information – and good luck!

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Linkitz wearable electronic toy teaches girls about coding and tech

At GoForth, we love education and we love tech. So we were excited to learn about Linkitz, a wearable toy that’s customizable. It has links that each have different behaviours, and snap together to create different kinds of toys.

According to their Kickstarter:

Linkitz comes in a kit with a set of links and accessories. Each link offers a unique capability. There are sensors, like a microphone and an accelerometer, and outputs, like a speaker and lights.

Connecting different combinations of links creates different toys. The motion link plays a game of Simon Says. If you connect the motion and speaker link together, Linkitz transforms into a musical instrument. Connect the speaker link with the microphone link and the friend link and you have a walkie-talkie!

Sounds to us like an interesting small business idea, and a unique way for young girls to learn how to interact with and influence tech!

Check out Linkitz’s site for more info.

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Businesses inspired by Back to the Future Part II technology

tech-small-business It’s been 30 years since Back to the Future Part II, and we are now living in that movie’s future. And nothing today is like that future, right? Not quite!

Microsoft for Work recently published a great rundown of some of the technology seen in that movie, and how we’re seeing some of that tech today. Here’s a taste:

Wearable devices. The bulky, high-tech glasses used by both young McFlys of the future look a bit awkward and silly, but the idea is spot on. Wearables are generally regarded as the next big tech trend, with more consumers wanting access to their data. Devices allow you to monitor health and activity levels, as a means to track and achieve fitness goals, or keep you in touch with email previews and calendar reminders (or a device that happens to do both).

While devices that fit on the wrist are the most common form of wearable tech, shoes, necklaces, rings, glasses, and clothing are all areas getting a high-tech makeover.

The tech and products linked to in the article are Microsoft’s own, but there are great examples out there of small businesses that are making some of these ideas come to life – for example, Calgary-based Vivametrica. They analyze data from wearable devices to help measure corporate health and wellness programs. Or American company Nest, who makes “smart home” self-learnable, programmable thermostats and smoke detectors.

The future’s not so bad!

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GoForth to present at Olds College’s iSpark conference

GoForth Institute’s President and founder Dr. Leslie Roberts will be presenting at the iSpark innovation and inspiration conference on May 10, 2013. Hosted by the Olds College Faculty Association and the Alberta Business Education Association, iSpark is designed to encourage the integration of technology into the classroom.

We’re excited to be presenting our view of a new educational model that involves making education mobile and meaningful. From there, iSpark is a great conference for those with interest in technology and education.

For more information or to register, please visit iSpark’s website.

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