GoForth to present at Olds College’s iSpark conference

GoForth Institute’s President and founder Dr. Leslie Roberts will be presenting at the iSpark innovation and inspiration conference on May 10, 2013. Hosted by the Olds College Faculty Association and the Alberta Business Education Association, iSpark is designed to encourage the integration of technology into the classroom.

We’re excited to be presenting our view of a new educational model that involves making education mobile and meaningful. From there, iSpark is a great conference for those with interest in technology and education.

For more information or to register, please visit iSpark’s website.

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GoForth and ADLC to deliver Canada’s first online entrepreneurship course for high school

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Alberta Distance Learning Centre to deliver Canada’s first online, mobile entrepreneurship course for high school students! It’ll be launched in September to Alberta to students in Grades 10-12. They’ll have access to video game mechanics, streaming HD videos – and it’s completely mobile, suitable for desktops, tablets and phones.

Calgary Herald’s Mario Toneguzzi wrote an article about the new course in today’s edition, and you can read it here for more details.

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How entrepreneurship is like riding a motorcycle

Do you believe entrepreneurship can be learned? Or do you believe the only way to learn how to run a business is to get out there and learn from the school of hard knocks?

At GoForth Institute, we fall somewhere in the middle of these two camps. We believe that vital small business skills can be learned first and practiced second. This takes me back to the days of wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle. Growing up with older brothers who were into anything with wheels, I had the opportunity to ride motorcycles as a passenger, or “two up” as we say, but never as the operator. I was about 35 with children of my own when I decided it was time to take my rightful place behind the throttle. Those of you in the learn-by-doing category would say, “Hey, just hop on. You’ll figure it out. After a couple of crashes, you’ll learn what not to do.” Those of you in the learn-by-education category would suggest a class on safe motorcycling first, correct?

I believe in reducing risk – the risk that my sons would grow up without their mom. Off I went to motorcycle school – a one week intensive classroom and parking lot skills training program. Got my license, bought a small Honda 250 Rebel and starting practicing my new skills on my new bike in my neighbourhood. Starting, stopping, turning, signalling, shifting, braking, emergency braking – all manoeuvres that were new to me. My instructor told me to practice these skills 80 times each – correctly. That’s the point at which muscle memory takes over. She told us you won’t have time to think on a motorcycle in an emergency. The difference between life and death is the rider’s muscle memory. I put 3,500kms on my Honda before I left the neighbourhood. Obsessive? Maybe. After several years of cautious city riding and practice in parking lots, it was back to school with a new, more powerful motorcycle – but this time it was race school. Fast forward 12 years, I still ride and my husband and one of our sons rides too. It’s a great family activity and a great way for me to leave the stress of entrepreneurship behind for an hour or so.

Learning to run a business can be the same. Take the time to learn the skills that will keep you alive out there – practice them in a safe environment before you take them to the streets. Take some small business training, learn to apply those skills, and take more training as your skills improve and you want to take your business to the next level. Don’t forget your helmet and enjoy the ride!

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Happy National Entrepreneurs’ Day to our American friends

Entrepreneurs in the States have been celebrating their great business ideas this week, and especially today – US President Barack Obama declared today, November 19th, National Entrepreneurs’ Day. What does that mean? Well, it means that today, American entrepreneurs are upgrading their skills, mentoring others and giving back to the communities in which they do business. It’s a great way to show just how vital entrepreneurship is to the health of that nation!

Read more details here (link via the Babson news blog), including ways you can get involved. Yes, that’s right, even if you’re Canadian like we are, we encourage all entrepreneurs to celebrate their own version of National Entrepreneurs’ Day!

Let us know how you did – and have fun!

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Get $25 off GoForth Institute online business training

Do you want to learn how to start and run a small business? For a limited time, GoForth’s 100 Essential Small Business Skills can be yours at a $25 discounted rate. Find out how how to get new customers, make sense of your finances, develop a marketing strategy – and more! Our small business training is delivered through online streaming video, at your pace. All you need is an internet connection, 10 hours of time (though not all at once, don’t worry!) and a great small business idea.

Just email promo@goforthinstitute.com with “Promo” in the subject line by November 1 to get your discount code. This code will expire on November 30, so email us today!

Visit our website for more information about our online small business training. Happy learning!

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