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Here are some of the business-related blog posts and articles we’ve enjoyed lately – including an article featuring one of our fantastic partners! We hope you enjoy these, and let us know if there’s anything you’ve read lately that you found interesting!

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GoForth is proud to announce its 150th partner

It’s Canada 150, and we’re excited to announce our 150th education partner! EDAC (Economic Developers Association of Canada) is Canada’s national organization of economic developers. EDAC offers its members professional development, networking opportunities and a comprehensive offering of resources.

In addition, EDAC also offers the Certified Economic Developer designation, Ec.D., which signifies an economic development professional has the tools and experience necessary to analyze regional problems, provide advisory or consulting services to the public and private sectors, and plan development strategies.

At GoForth, we’re proud of each and every entrepreneur that has helped to make Canada successful, and our extensive network of partners are equally committed to helping Canadian small business succeed through education.

Happy 150!

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GoForth partners with Atlantic Association of CBDCs

GoForth is excited to welcome Atlantic Association of CBDCs to our over 100-strong partnership network! With 41 locations, the Atlantic Association of CBDCs helps entrepreneurs create their small businesses, and assists in the expansion and modernization of businesses throughout the Atlantic Region.

We can’t wait to begin working together to help entrepreneurs succeed. Find out more about this great organization here.

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From the archives: How entrepreneurship is like riding a motorcycle

Four years ago (to the day!), GoForth President and Founder Dr. Leslie Roberts wrote a great blog post about her own experiences with motorcycles – which of course is like the experience of entrepreneurship.

I was about 35 with children of my own when I decided it was time to take my rightful place behind the throttle. Those of you in the learn-by-doing category would say, “Hey, just hop on. You’ll figure it out. After a couple of crashes, you’ll learn what not to do.” Those of you in the learn-by-education category would suggest a class on safe motorcycling first, correct?

Find out how the lessons Leslie learned on her bike are similar to the lessons we can learn as entrepreneurs: How entrepreneurship is like riding a motorcycle. 

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Spirit of Entrepreneurship app launches

We at GoForth Institute were thrilled to join our development partners Robots and Pencils and Olds College to officially launch the Spirit of Entrepreneurship app this past Tuesday. Spirit of Entrepreneurship is the world’s first fully-accredited app-based course delivered through a video game experience.

Through the app, students of Olds College will learn about and experience small business as a career option, in a way that works for their needs and learning style. In fact, 78% of pilot students who completed the course indicated they would “seriously consider” an entrepreneurial path in the future.

The course is designed to take just 25 hours to complete, and offers the flexibility of complete mobility.

For more information, check out these recent articles written about the app:

Thanks to Olds College and Robots and Pencils for taking the journey of innovation with us!

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