Dr Leslie McGeough to present at blendED 2016

Join GoForth’s President & CEO Dr Leslie McGeough and Rocky View Schools’ Murray Arnold at the blendED 2016 Symposium October 23-25. There, you will learn more about gamified mobile learning, and engaging students in our changing educational environment. Dr McGeough and others will discuss ways to implement flexible learning strategies in your blended and online practice.

October 23-25, 2016
Radisson Hotel Edmonton South
Edmonton, Alberta

Read more and register here

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Discover Entrepreneurship! app now in App Store

We would like to congratulate our partners at GoRobos Inc. for the release of their first educational, gamified app in the iTunes App Store! They have created a world first in entrepreneurship education and we are excited to see their app in the hands of students around the world. A heartfelt thanks to our education partner, Olds College – their commitment to innovative learning is truly inspiring!

Check out Discover Entrepreneurship! in the App Store, here.

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Should entrepreneurship be part of K-12’s core curriculum?

At GoForth Institute, we love teaching would-be entrepreneurs all the skills they’ll need to succeed in small business. And we definitely include youth in that category, as we’ve shown with our entrepreneurship education for high school that’s being taught to Canadian high school students right now. Comprehensive small business education is about more than sales and marketing. It teaches crucial skills like financial wisdom, risk management, creativity, and ethics – skills that are invaluable both inside and outside the business world.

For this reason, we were very interested to read an article in the Edmonton Journal this week, titled “Lamphier: Should entrepreneurship be taught in schools?

Here’s an excerpt:

“They think the K-to-12 curriculum gives you the base and then you apply it at the post-secondary level. They don’t believe there is fundamental value in teaching courses on project management, budgeting or understanding the concept of profit.”

Although Mawji says some critics will say business has no place in an elementary or secondary school classroom, fearing it may lead to the profit-driven commercialization of education, he believes such fears are misplaced.

“We’re not talking about bringing specific brands into the equation. We’d talking about entrepreneurial concepts. Starbucks isn’t going to sponsor a course, that’s not the plan,” he says.

Go check it out!

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Dr. Leslie Roberts to speak at HEEMAC 2014 conference

Dr. Leslie Roberts is honoured to be a speaker at the Higher Education Enterprise Mobile App Conference, March 3 – 5 at the University of South Florida. HEEMAC is the premier American conference for higher education mobile apps, and is attended by IT directors, managers, and communicators, as well as marketing professionals and educators interested in new developments in the mobile app world.

Speakers from several American universities and tech companies will be in attendance.

Visit HEEMAC’s page for more information about the conference.

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Spirit of Entrepreneurship app launches

We at GoForth Institute were thrilled to join our development partners Robots and Pencils and Olds College to officially launch the Spirit of Entrepreneurship app this past Tuesday. Spirit of Entrepreneurship is the world’s first fully-accredited app-based course delivered through a video game experience.

Through the app, students of Olds College will learn about and experience small business as a career option, in a way that works for their needs and learning style. In fact, 78% of pilot students who completed the course indicated they would “seriously consider” an entrepreneurial path in the future.

The course is designed to take just 25 hours to complete, and offers the flexibility of complete mobility.

For more information, check out these recent articles written about the app:

Thanks to Olds College and Robots and Pencils for taking the journey of innovation with us!

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