16 tips for choosing a small business name

By Samantha Garner | January 5, 2019

small business name tips

Your small business’ name is important, but there are a few guidelines and tips that can make the process a little easier. Here are 16 of our top tips for choosing a great small business name.

  • Keep your small business name memorable.
  • Keep your business name short.
  • Be creative, but not too out there.
  • Allow room for future growth.
  • Can your ideas fit together to form one name?
  • Use synonyms or words starting with the same letters to find something catchy.
  • Go online to search – try trademark searches, a simple web search, or a NUANS name search.
  • Check domain name availability – you may not be able to get a .com of your exact name, but look for alternatives such as .ca and .net. You can also get a descriptive URL, such as waveapps.com.
  • Look for a name that you’ll be able to use in the same form across various social media platforms – you may need to add a descriptive word here too, like with your URL.
  • Avoid restricted small business names – these include names that are too similar to existing businesses, are considered obscene or inappropriate, or suggest a connection with the Royal Family or with the government.
  • Ask yourself how the name will follow your brand.
  • Determine how your name will distinguish you from competitors in your industry.
  • Decide to what extend the name will describe the product or service that you’re offering? This doesn’t have to necessarily be right in the company name – it could always be used as a tagline or catchy phrase.
  • Think of some distinguishing names that would work for your business and write them down. Don’t second-guess yourself – let your creativity fly!
  • Take some time away from your list of potential names and focus on something else for a while.
  • After some time, return to your list and start the process of elimination.

Good luck!

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Our favourite blog posts of 2018

By Samantha Garner | December 29, 2018

new year entrepreneur

We can’t help but look back at this time of year, and reflect on the 2018. So, we wanted to share our favourite small business blog posts from our blog this year.

We wish you a happy and successful 2019, and thanks for reading!

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Warm holiday wishes from GoForth

By Samantha Garner | December 22, 2018

small business holiday

From of all of us here at GoForth Institute, we wish our fellow Canadian entrepreneurs a festive and restful holiday season. You deserve it!

We’re looking forward to what 2019 will bring, and we hope the new year is wonderful for all of you – in small business and beyond!

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What do social entrepreneurs have in common with traditional entrepreneurs?

By Samantha Garner | December 15, 2018

social entrepreneurship

Recently, we discussed social entrepreneurship – entrepreneurs who are all about creating new combinations of people and resources that significantly improve society’s capacity to address problems.

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a social entrepreneur as compared to a more traditional small business entrepreneur. However, both do share some similarities. Here are the ways social entrepreneurs are the same as traditional entrepreneurs.


Social entrepreneurs tackle major social issues, from increasing the college enrollment rate of low-income students to fighting poverty in developing countries. These entrepreneurial leaders operate in all kinds of organizations: innovative non-profits, social purpose ventures like for-profit community development banks, and hybrid organizations that mix elements of non-profit and for-profit organizations.


Generating social value, not wealth, is the central criterion of a successful social entrepreneur. While wealth creation may be part of the process, it’s not an end in itself. Promoting systemic social change is the real objective.


Like business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs see and act upon what others miss: opportunities to improve systems, create solutions and invent new approaches that create social value. And like the best business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs are
intensely focused and hard-driving-even relentless-in their pursuit of a social vision.


Because social entrepreneurs operate within a social context rather than the business world, they have limited access to capital and traditional market support systems. As a result, social entrepreneurs must be exceptionally skilled at mustering and
mobilizing human, financial and political resources.


Ultimately, social entrepreneurs are driven to produce measurable returns. These results transform existing realities, open up new pathways for the marginalized and disadvantaged, and unlock society’s potential to effect social change.

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Small business blog posts we liked this week

By Samantha Garner | December 8, 2018

Whether your small business is winding down or picking up, take some time to enjoy these small business blog posts and articles we’ve enjoyed recently. Read anything you liked? Let us know in the comments!

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Why Social Entrepreneurs Are So Burned Out at Harvard Business Review

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