Small business blog posts we liked this week

By Samantha Garner | April 19, 2014

From social media to office design, here are some small business blog posts we liked this week, and we hope you’ll like them too. Enjoy the long weekend!

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When record-keeping becomes too much

By Samantha Garner | April 12, 2014

small-business-record-keepingPart of being a successful entrepreneur is keeping on top of your records. But what do you do when, despite your best efforts, you find your records getting too much for you to handle?

Here are some tips on how to manage your record-keeping:

  • Recognize when it’s time to bring in outside help. If you’re too busy or are having trouble understanding the ins and outs, hire a bookkeeper who knows their stuff. This way, you can focus on the immediate needs of your business while ensuring your financial records are taken care of.
  • If you can’t hire outside help, invest in software that can help you by providing a layout, streamlining data and saving time for you.
  • Top up your knowledge. You don’t have to become a financial wizard, but understanding the hows and whys of your records can reduce some of the confusion, thereby making sense of all the various forms and records you need to work with.
  • Stick to a system. Disorganized receipts, invoices, and other records can spell disaster for a small business. Whether your record-keeping system is digital or not, find what works for your business and don’t deviate from it. You’ll be less likely to get lost if you find a system that makes sense to you.
  • Break things down into pieces. You’re less likely to put off a smaller task than you are a large one – plus, it’s easier to understand. For example, if you have a mountain of receipts to organize, start off by categorizing them by date, and focus on getting this month’s receipts in order before moving on through the past.

Keeping good financial records in your small business can be intimidating, but getting out from under it isn’t impossible. Help with maintaining your business records is always available!

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GoForth Institute announces price reduction in small business training, and free e-book

By Samantha Garner | April 1, 2014

femaleentrepreneursWhen our customers speak, we listen. As such, GoForth Institute is pleased to announce that effective today, the price of our online small business training will be permanently reduced from $295 to $195. Additionally, all new registrants will receive our resource curriculum e-book delivered via USB to complement their learning – for free!

Why the price change?

At GoForth, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our nearly 100 education partners across Canada. We make it a point to keep in touch and gather feedback regularly. Recently, during six months of testing with two different partner groups, we heard loud and clear that entrepreneurs wanted small business education that was more accessible and affordable than ever before. And we agree.

What’s changing?

The training itself will still include our 100 Essential Small Business SkillsTM and 10 video modules taught by expert instructors, and will take just 10 hours to complete. It’s perfect for those who want to improve their odds of small business success conveniently and affordably. And while our testing groups loved the free curriculum e-book via USB, we know that some registrants still prefer hard-copy books. For these budding entrepreneurs, our printed Curriculum Book will still be available for purchase.

So, to recap – effective immediately:

  • GoForth Institute’s industry-leading entrepreneurship training is permanently reduced to $195
  • All registrants receive a free curriculum e-book when they sign up

We couldn’t be more excited to make it even easier for Canada’s entrepreneurs to learn all the skills they’ll need to improve their odds of small business success!

Visit our website for details, and begin your journey into entrepreneurship today.

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How to create a strong family business environment with non-family employees

By Samantha Garner | March 29, 2014

family businessMost of the businesses in North America are family-owned and operated, so it’s clearly a popular choice for entrepreneurs who want to follow their passions while also working alongside family members. However, family businesses aren’t always 100% staffed by family. As we discussed in an earlier post, one of the snags of family business is a high turnover rate of non-family employees. The dynamic of a family business can be interesting and sometimes tricky. Even the advice column Dear Abby recently dealt with a family member employee who was having difficulty proving himself to non-family employees. So how do you maintain the family “culture” while also preventing a divide between family and non-family? Here are some quick tips:

  • Avoid hiring family members who are unsuited to the role they’re filling. Not only will this prevent you wasting time and money, it’ll also show non-family employees that you don’t play favourites.
  • Extend the definition of “family” to all employees. Showing favouritism to family members or keeping them more in the loop than non-family employees will only breed resentment and damage morale.
  • It’s important that all employees pull their weight, but as the Dear Abby example proves, family employees might be watched a little more critically than others. Ensure everyone is responsible, respectful, and does good work.
  • Make every employee – family or not – feel welcomed, appreciated, and part of the team. Happy employees who love what they do are more likely to band together.
  • Prevent tensions before they arise. As with the previous point, promoting a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone will prevent an “us vs. them” scenario. Make sure all employees know they can come to you with any issues, even if it’s a concern about your nephew’s extra-long lunch breaks.

Visit GoForth Institute’s Entrepreneur Library for more tips on managing your family business!

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Small business blog posts we liked this week

By Samantha Garner | March 22, 2014

From business innovation to personal marketing to corporate wellness, here are some entrepreneurship blog posts we liked this week:

What has caught your attention in the blogosphere recently?

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