Small business blog posts we liked this week

By Samantha Garner | June 25, 2016

If you want to learn about brand hygiene, or are curious about how small businesses can rebuild after disaster, these are two of the topics covered in some of the small business blog posts we read this week. Here they are:

Did you read anything interesting this week? Let us know in the comments!


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From the archives: Why is target marketing so important?

By Samantha Garner | June 18, 2016

small_business_target_marketWhat’s your target market? Why does it matter? GoForth’s President Dr Leslie McGeough has this to say on the topic:

My own business advisor (and everyone should have an advisor, no matter how seasoned an entrepreneur they are) once told me the field is full of white rabbits. Pick the white rabbit you can catch and go after that one. In other words, there are opportunities and potential targets everywhere. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking “Everyone will buy my product!” Focus, focus, focus.

Read Dr McGeough’s advice on target marketing here, and enjoy!


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7 tips for making a small business pitch

By Samantha Garner | June 11, 2016

how-to-make-a-small-business-pitchPitching your small business to potential investors or customers can seem daunting – where do you start? What do you say?

Or, it might even seem too easy – just give them all your marketing talking points from your website, right?

The truth is, making a good pitch is all about research, information, and openness. Here are our seven tips for making a great small business pitch:

  1. Know your numbers
  2. Know your business.
  3. Research your potential investor or customer.
  4. Act natural!
  5. Practice your pitch.
  6. Be concise.
  7. Put yourself on the other side.

Want more advice and detail about each of these points? Check out our blog post: How to make a great small business pitch!


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When to hire in your small business

By Samantha Garner | June 4, 2016

when-to-hire-in-your-small-businessWhen we interviewed successful entrepreneurs across Canada, one of the areas of difficulty they found in their businesses was the decision of when to hire employees.

So – how do you know when to hire your first employees?

  • Sum everything up in a big pros and cons list — identify what benefits an employee could bring to your company, as well as the drawbacks and costs of being an employer that would result.
  • Which business activities are you really good at? Which could use some improvement? It often doesn’t make sense to hire someone to perform an activity that your company is particularly skilled with.
  • Consider the financial impact that hiring will have on your company, as well as on corporate culture and daily operations.
  • Take a look at your business’ finances and calculate your ability to afford payroll.
  • Assess the variety of options you have available, such as full-time, part-time, hiring on contract/a freelancer, or hiring a student.
  • If you find you’re not ready to commit to hiring a new employee, consider contracting or outsourcing the work through personal networks or websites such as Upwork or Freelancer.
  • Consider the business activity that will be happening in the next month, three months and six months. Is this a workload that you’re able to handle on your own? Think about the business processes you’re currently responsible for that you could hire help for — things like accounting, administration, manufacturing, website design, marketing and public relations.
  • Once you’ve calculated an allowable budget for hiring, consider whether you can afford a part-time or full-time employee or if it would be more beneficial to contract the work.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when making the decision to hire your first employees, but with proper planning and research, it can be a very rewarding experience!

After you’ve hired:


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Small business blog posts we liked this week

By Samantha Garner | May 28, 2016

We hope you had a great workweek, whether or not Victoria Day made it a short one for you!

To get you back into the swing of things, here are some small business blog posts we liked this week:

What did you enjoy reading this week in the entrepreneurship blogosphere? Let us know!


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