Small business blog posts we liked this week

By Samantha Garner | March 28, 2015

From boardrooms to gyms, we’ve read some interesting articles on small business this week. Here are some of our favourites:


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How to choose a small business name

By Samantha Garner | March 21, 2015

Choosing a great name for your small business doesn’t have to mean years of work and a few sleepless nights, but there are several things to consider.

  • How will the name follow your brand?
  • How will you distinguish your name from competitors?
  • How will your name describe the product or service that you’re offering? This doesn’t have to necessarily be right in the company name – it could always be used as a tagline or catchy phrase.

Think of some distinguishing names that would work for your business and write them down. Don’t second-guess yourself – let your creativity fly!

Now, take some time away from your list of potential names and focus on something else for a while. When you return all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, take another look at your ideas and start the elimination process.

Is there a way that your ideas can fit together to provide one name? Use synonyms or words starting with the same letters to find something catchy. If catchy doesn’t work, why not pick out some of your favourite letters and start trying to make up some words?

Finally, before going any further, take the top possibilities and do some searching online. Whether it’s through NUANS name searches, trademark searches or just a simple Google search, check out whether or not the name, or anything similar, is in use. Don’t forget to check domain names too if this is something important to your company.

Want more tips? Check out our related post, Choosing a great small business name.

Good luck!


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We’re proud to help entrepreneurs in Airdrie and Nunavut

By Samantha Garner | March 14, 2015

GoForth is proud to share two recent partnerships:

  1. With the Nunavut Economic Developers Association, bringing our small business training to entrepreneurs in Nunavut.
  2. Once again, we’re providing online small business education for the SMARTstart Program serving Airdrie’s entrepreneurs.

Thanks to our partners who share our belief in the importance of small business education, and who provide great services and support to entrepreneur-students to help Canada’s entrepreneurs succeed.


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Should entrepreneurship be part of K-12’s core curriculum?

By Samantha Garner | March 7, 2015

At GoForth Institute, we love teaching would-be entrepreneurs all the skills they’ll need to succeed in small business. And we definitely include youth in that category, as we’ve shown with our entrepreneurship education for high school that’s being taught to Canadian high school students right now. Comprehensive small business education is about more than sales and marketing. It teaches crucial skills like financial wisdom, risk management, creativity, and ethics – skills that are invaluable both inside and outside the business world.

For this reason, we were very interested to read an article in the Edmonton Journal this week, titled “Lamphier: Should entrepreneurship be taught in schools?

Here’s an excerpt:

“They think the K-to-12 curriculum gives you the base and then you apply it at the post-secondary level. They don’t believe there is fundamental value in teaching courses on project management, budgeting or understanding the concept of profit.”

Although Mawji says some critics will say business has no place in an elementary or secondary school classroom, fearing it may lead to the profit-driven commercialization of education, he believes such fears are misplaced.

“We’re not talking about bringing specific brands into the equation. We’d talking about entrepreneurial concepts. Starbucks isn’t going to sponsor a course, that’s not the plan,” he says.

Go check it out!


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Small business blog posts we liked this week

By Samantha Garner | February 28, 2015

From family business to employee health, here are some of the small business blog posts that caught our attention this week:

Happy reading!


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